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Brittany Williams

Payroll and HR Consultant

Brittany’s entrance into the field of Human Resources is what she’d call a bit of a happy accident! It started 15+ years ago when she filled a short-term maternity leave position in HR. It quickly became her career of choice after falling in love with helping personnel and finding solutions in a fast-paced environment.


Since then, Brittany has worked as a Human Resources Generalist, fulfilling various responsibilities, including HRIS management, payroll, benefits, and onboarding. Her business management degree, problem-solving niche, attention to detail, and unique creativity provide a stellar combination of savvy skills to support and organize your business. She’s also described as personable, kind, and friendly, so there’s that, too!


Outside of work, you can find Brittany creating pretty things, relaxing on a paddle board, or playing a game of tennis.

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